Tuition Schedules 


DYS Membership Tuition Schedule

For rehearsal and participation in the December, March, and May concerts:

$200* / $230** per musician for String Orchestra or Flute Choir

$220* / $250** per musician for Concert Orchestra or Symphony Orchestra

$335 per musician playing with two ensembles per musician (For example: Flute Choir & Symphony Orchestra)

$560 family maximum per concert season (For families with 3 or more children.)

*Discounted rate for tuition prior to August 1st (musicians who audition in May) or within 2 weeks of acceptance (musicians who audition at a later date.)

**Full rate for tuition paid after these dates.

Due to the nature of orchestral chair placements we do not offer tuition refunds once they have been paid.

For questions regarding tuition, please send an email to: