Auditioning for the Dearborn Youth Symphony

Auditions for the Dearborn Youth Symphony are held each May and September for the upcoming concert season.

For additional information about scheduling an audition,

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Audition Expectations

Auditions generally last approximately five minutes and are private. Parent(s) may attend at the discretion of the conductor. Additional copies of music for the conductor(s) are not necessary. A warm-up area, music stand, and chair will be provided.

Click the link here to download the PDF file listing for Audition Criteria Information: AuditionCriteria

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Musicians are selected and placed into an ensemble with regards to age and/or ability. The level of competition from season to season varies depending upon the abilities of peer musicians within the section. Conductors reserve the right of musician placement.

Musicians are placed and remain in an ensemble for the concert season. Any changes in placement must be initiated by the conductor.

Current DYS members are required to audition for each season unless notified by the conductor.

For May auditions, musicians will be notified of their placement within 60 days. For supplemental auditions, notification may extend from immediate to two weeks.

For Flute Players: All flutes must audition for the Flute Choir. Placement in the Concert/Symphony ensembles is based upon the quality of audition and availability of open chairs.